Crazy army and it’s crazy generals doing crazy things with recruits, who will become gay very soon. There’s nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. There’s only one way – sucking and giving your ass to fuck to all the generals one after another. Good luck, private!

365_6523.jpg 365_6524.jpg
365_6525.jpg 365_6526.jpg
365_6527.jpg 365_6528.jpg 365_6529.jpg 365_6530.jpg
365_6531.jpg 365_6532.jpg 365_6563.jpg 365_6564.jpg
365_6565.jpg 365_6582.jpg
365_6583.jpg 365_6584.jpg

It’s all about the military uniform! It’s gives a very specific taste to sex. You will feel yourself very different. It’s like being another person. When you are someone else, you can do all kinds of weird thing, you know. You are free from your old personality.

You don’t have to hide anything, you can be absolutely different person. Welcome to army!



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